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Weekend link dump for April 24

Oh, I could write a sonnet/About your Easter bonnet… Hooray for Delaware! The tax prep scam on the poor. Your household and your government are not the same. Among other things, Joe Arpaio wastes a lot of tax dollars. So … Continue reading

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Bettencourt and Hotze lose in court again

If there’s a lawsuit against the city over a matter of how money is raised or spent, you can be sure that Bruce Hotze and Paul Bettencourt are involved. Thankfully, they have a lousy record of getting what they want … Continue reading

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More Sports Authority woes

The Harris County-Houston Sports Authority is dealing with more financial issues that may require it to dip way into its cash reserves. Lawyers for the authority and MBIA now are disputing whether Swiss bank UBS gave proper notice of its … Continue reading

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ATS says red light violations have gone up

CultureMap: Anti-big brother Houstonians rejoiced when a referendum┬ápassed last November to take down the city’s network of red light cameras. Nearly six months later, data collected by the camera service provider, Phoenix-based ATS, suggests that citizens’ temporarily cautious attitude towards … Continue reading

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Agricultural tax breaks

There’s been a fair amount of talk this session about examining different types of tax exemptions, all of which combine to cost Texas billions in revenue, but there’s one type of exemption for which I have not seen any discussion: … Continue reading

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