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What we need right now

Is a tax cut on yachts. As some lawmakers look high and low for money to ease cutbacks in education and human services, the House Ways and Means Committee has approved a tax break for big yachts. The committee voted … Continue reading

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Friday random ten: The 2000s

Did we ever decide on a name for this decade, or did we all sort of agree that it wasn’t worth the bother? I mean, if it weren’t for the birth of my two kids, I’d be willing to forget … Continue reading

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House passes redistricting map

The Trib stayed up all night to see how it ended. The Texas House tentatively approved new political districts early this morning on a 92-52 vote after hours of nips and tucks that left the proposal they started with mostly … Continue reading

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Fight over family planning funds coming

It’s a small piece of the difference between the House and Senate budgets, but it will surely be a big part of the fight over how the two are reconciled. The Senate budget approved by the Finance Committee would spend … Continue reading

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A night with the Skeeters

I learned a couple of interesting things from this Richard Justice column about the forthcoming Sugar Land Skeeters minor league baseball team. Among them: You may think you know what a Skeeter is, but you don’t. If you’re wondering what … Continue reading

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For a bottle deposit

I didn’t know that there were bills to create a deposit on beverage bottles and cans in the Lege, but I agree with the Chron editorial board that such a thing would be a good idea. The bottle bill would … Continue reading

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