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Could there be a settlement in the redistricting lawsuit?

Maybe. A leading player in the state’s redistricting turmoil said this morning he’s hopeful that both sides are closing in on a settlement that will salvage Texas’ April 3 primary. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has been meeting with representatives … Continue reading

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Friday random ten: It’s a nice year for nine weddings

So I guess I’ve sort of settled on a theme for now, which is to do ten actually random songs, then ramble on about one or more of them. With that in mind: 1. White Wedding – Billy Idol 2. … Continue reading

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Perry’s (lack of) popularity

I have four things to say about this. Gov. Rick Perry’s ill-fated presidential campaign left a sour taste with many Texans and damaged his standing with Republican voters, according to a new poll commissioned by the American-Statesman and other state … Continue reading

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Tough times for Texas parks

Between the drought and the budget cuts, Texas parks are hurting. Dry weather and depleted lakes and rivers from the prolonged drought mean fewer folks are visiting parks or buying hunting and fishing licenses, the head of the Texas Parks … Continue reading

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Tomball toll road

They want a toll road in Tomball, and they’re probably going to get it. The Harris County Toll Road Authority is asking that it be allowed to look at State Highway 249, also known as Tomball Parkway, to see whether … Continue reading

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Navy to join Big East

Another new playmate for UH. Navy has accepted an invitation to play football in the Big East, starting in 2015. “Stability in the Big East was a very important aspect in our discussions with the commissioner,” Vice Admiral Michael Miller, … Continue reading

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