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Saturday video break: Shout

Here’s a song called Shout you probably don’t know, from Miles Davis: That’s from the Fluxblog 1981 list. I always thought of Miles Davis as a musician of the 60s, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that he … Continue reading

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More Beto in the national news

From Splinter, part of the Gawker universe, a story that was front-paged on Deadspin and Jezebel: O’Rourke sticks around to meet every single person in Burnet who wants to meet him. He doesn’t leave until the last hand has been … Continue reading

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Now is not a good time for HHSC to be dysfunctional

And yet here we are. Under Charles Smith, the longtime ally of Gov. Greg Abbott picked to lead the state’s Health and Human Services Commission, Texas’ government health care infrastructure is hemorrhaging veteran employees and facing criticism for its response … Continue reading

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MUDs and Harvey

City governments have their pros and cons, and their challenges getting things done. But at least their existence means residents of said cities have places to go when they need various services. Not everyone has that, and in times of … Continue reading

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