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Weekend link dump for January 3

Welcome to 2021. It’s got to be better, right? Here’s your Jon Swift Memorial Roundup for 2020. “JPS Health Network is experiencing something of a quarantine baby boom, seeing as many as three times the number of babies born in … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz says “Look at me! Look at meeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Also, “Look at me!” Continuing to pursue unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and some of his fellow GOP senators announced they would vote to reject the certification of Electoral College votes for the presidential election … Continue reading

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So is anyone going to try to collect Dan Patrick’s reward money?

Here’s a nice little research paper for you: On November 10, 2020, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick put out a press release stating, in relevant part, “[S]tarting today [I] will pay up to $1 million to incentivize, encourage and reward … Continue reading

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Still waiting on that sewer consent decree

Should be ready soon, once the federal court signs off on it. Help finally could be on the way in the form of an agreement between the city of Houston and the Environmental Protection Agency aimed at upgrading the city’s … Continue reading

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Fifth Circuit bats aside Gohmert appeal

In case you were wondering… . The Fifth Circuit cuts everything short on the stupid Gohmert suit with these brutal disposition. A very conservative panel btw. — Raffi Melkonian (@RMFifthCircuit) 07:32 PM – 02 January 2021 . I’m sitting here … Continue reading

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