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Weekend link dump for January 31

“The story of [Father Charles E.] Coughlin, the demagogic radio priest who dominated American airwaves during the Great Depression, offers an intriguing analog-age precedent to the digital-age debates over the limits of free expression. Then as now, the serene pleasure … Continue reading

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It’ll be awhile before redistricting happens

They’re waiting on Census data. The U.S. Census Bureau has again pushed back the release of the 2020 census results — a delay that will almost certainly force Texas lawmakers into legislative overtime this summer to redraw the state’s political … Continue reading

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Just raise the minimum wage already

It’s long overdue, it’s going to help a lot of people, and it’s just the right thing to do. More than a quarter of the Texas workforce — 3.5 million employees — would get a raise if Democrats succeed in … Continue reading

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Please don’t ask us about Ken Paxton

A real profile in courage here. As President Joe Biden’s agenda is dealt an early blow in Texas, the embattled Republican attorney general promising more fights ahead with the new administration is getting little public support from members of his … Continue reading

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