Remembering Ike as Nicholas pays a visit

Won’t be as bad, thankfully. But still be careful.

Tropical Storm Nicholas is approaching the Texas coast Monday, threatening torrential downpours and flooding for Houston. It also brings with it memories of Hurricane Ike, which wrought havoc across the region on this day 13 years ago.

Ike made landfall in Galveston just after 2 a.m. on Sept. 13, 2008, and wiped out much of the property in the coastal city. The Category 2 storm punched above its weight as 110-mph winds sent water surging over Galveston’s seawall, reaching depths up to 13 feet on Galveston Island and up to 17 feet on Bolivar Peninsula.

The storm knocked out power for millions in the Houston area, with some outages lasting weeks. It cost the Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas areas about $29.5 billion.

The early evening Space City Weather report says that the flood risk is receding for those living more inland, but is still significant for those closest to the coast. As for Ike, well all these years later we’re finally on the verge of building the Ike Dike. Keep thinking happy thoughts for that one.

Also, too, think about how nice it must be to live in a state that has a real Governor.

There’s no partisan advantage to Abbott in answering questions, and he’s a weak leader with no ability to reassure people, so from his perspective there’s nothing to be gained from allowing himself to be asked questions. Also, he has a plan to eliminate hurricanes, which he’ll be announcing soon. So there’s that.

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3 Responses to Remembering Ike as Nicholas pays a visit

  1. J says:

    Power off from 3 am. Cooking breakfast on the camp stove again by flashlight, glad I had the ice in the freezer. Found out it is hard to eat holding a flashlight in your mouth. This camping thing in the house getting to be familiar.
    Power back at 10 am so not too bad. We are lucky this wasn’t a big storm.

  2. Bill Daniels says:

    We lost power sometime after Midnight and got it on a little before Noon out here in Redneckville. Some twigs down from the trees, neighbor had a section of fence go over because the 4×4’s clearly had rot, other than that, everything is ship shape.

    Hope everyone here came out well, too.

  3. C.L. says:

    The Texas power grid and Houston infrastructure is shit. It truly is a shame we spend so much money on things that don’t matter to the average citizen. 11 hours without power (at my place) from a storm that was minimal in nature. God forbid this city takes a direct hit from something of significant size.

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