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Ben Chou files for Commissioners Court Precinct 4

Second to announce, first to officially file.

Ben Chou

I’m running for Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 4!

I’m a progressive Democrat, lawyer, and community organizer. I’m running for County Commissioner because I think we need to build a Harris County for all of our residents — one that centers our efforts around the pursuit of economic, racial, and environmental justice; a future we are proud to pass down to our kids.

I’m running because we can accomplish bold reforms while getting the basics done. We’ve got streets filled with potholes, sidewalks left broken for too long, and street lights that don’t turn on. Meanwhile flooding continues to plague our communities as small businesses and neighborhood safety teeter on the brink.

What’s happening in Texas today is appalling. Republicans have effectively banned abortion, are limiting what books can be taught in schools, and are trying to suppress the right to vote. That’s why this moment is so important. I’m running to bring the progressive, bold change needed to Harris County while also fighting back against Republican extremism.

We can’t afford to wait for change. We need leaders who embrace innovation and have a proven record of getting things done – now.

The Democratic primary for this seat is only a few months away on March 1, 2022. If you’re ready to move Harris County towards a better, brighter, more equitable future, then join me at:

He filed over the weekend, so he’s officially in, joining Lesley Briones and almost surely others. He’s the candidate I was aware of when Briones made her announcement. I will of course do interviews for this race. Stace has more.

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  1. Donovan says:

    I knew this guy in college and he never let rules get in the way of his ambition. While we haven’t kept in touch, it doesn’t look like his ambition has changed. This isn’t my precinct anymore, but I don’t think I could have brought myself to vote for him (and definitely not in a primary).

  2. policywonqueria says:


    Re: “I’m running to bring the progressive, bold change needed to Harris County while also fighting back against Republican extremism.”

    Instant mental kneejerk response: Don’t we already have a progressive county judge and a Democratic majority on Commissioners Court?

    And how are Harris County Comm Court decisions under even more progressive leadership going to trump GOP-enacted state statutes? Any new ideas about inverting state-local domination and Paxton-fashioned “I-am-the-State” legal theories?

  3. […] will face Ben Chou, Lesley Briones, and who knows who else. Her website is here and you can find out more about her […]