Filing update: A primary challenger for Judge Hidalgo

Been wondering for a long time if someone might take the plunge…

I should point out, before I get too far into this, that Judge Hidalgo already had a primary opponent, our friend the perennial candidate AR Hassan, whose name is given on the SOS Qualified Candidates page as (I kid you not) “Ahmad R. ‘Rob-Beto’ Hassan”. Please feel free to take a moment to cringe. When I said that Judge Hidalgo has a primary opponent, I meant a serious primary opponent.

No news story yet, but I’m sure that will change soon. Erica Davis is an HCDE Trustee (scroll down to Position 5, At Large), elected in 2020 and one of the top performers in the November election, per the precinct data. She has a website that does not currently state what office she’s running for but which promises that’s “coming soon”. Her Facebook page does not mention her new candidacy, at least as of Monday late afternoon.

To answer your question: No, she does not have to resign from HCDE to run for another office. The HCDE is not one of the county offices for which the state constitution requires resign-to-run. Remember Roy Morales? He was on the ballot for something else like four times during his six-year term on HCDE. As to why Erica Davis might run against Judge Hidalgo, I’m sure she’ll tell us when her website is fully operational. In the meantime, you can read my speculation from a year ago about why someone might do this very thing – I’d say item #3 may be on point.

What I do know at this time is that now I have another set of interviews I’ll need to do for the primary. I’m sure I’ll be asking Erica Davis for her reasons for her candidacy, as I would with anyone else in a similar position. With that said, and with all due respect, I’ll be supporting Judge Hidalgo for re-election. We’ll see who’s with me on that.

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5 Responses to Filing update: A primary challenger for Judge Hidalgo

  1. Andrea says:

    I’m supporting Judge Hidalgo as well.

    I hope you’ll ask candidates whether they would have pressed for an independent investigation of Astroworld. I appreciate that Judge Hidalgo did, and am disappointed that Comm. Garcia opposed that and kept it from happening.

  2. Ronald Wilson says:

    Don’t think pigmentation will be the deciding factor. Just remember it was black voters whom picked Biden over two black candidates in the South Carolina primary. I see no reason not to support County Judge Hildago.

  3. Frederick says:


    Your comparison of a Federal presidential primary election in another part of the country with completely different demographics to a local county executive primary is a serious stretch of the imagination.

  4. C.L. says:

    Andrea, is there really a rash of (independent or not) entities NOT investigating the Astroworld incident ?

    Asking Candidates what they would have done about something that’s already been decided is a snipe hunt and only results it in the Candidate tailoring their response to fit the moment and score points with the interviewer, IMO.

  5. Jason Hochman says:

    I don’t vote, and especially not in a primary, but Erica Davis states that she is not a divider, so she should get the vote. Plus Hildalgo tried to give away federal funding to her cronies at a company that was made up on the spur of the moment to get the federal handout. And, of course, Hidalgo will cry that the county doesn’t get money from HUD because of GLO. When you mishandle federal money, you shouldn’t ask for more…and, when you blame everyone else, you never improve. It says in the Bible, “take the beam outta yer eye before you remove the speck from someone else’s eye.” It was true then, and still true today.

    The Astroworld investigation should end. It’s not anybody’s fault. Travis Scott, a typical Republican, who wants the profits, but not the responsibility, filed to have suits against him dismissed. That’s the Republican way. Profit at all cost, and don’t blame me if my greed harms others. All parties being sued deny responsibility. So what is there to investigate? It’s your fault for not getting vaccinated and wearing a mask…

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