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Meet the new judge of County Civil Court at Law #4

So far, this is the only public announcement I have seen:

There was an item (#281 if you search) on the March 8 Commissioners Court agenda to discuss and possibly take action on this vacancy, which had stretched on for awhile. While the County Civil Court at Law #4 website still showed Lesley Briones as Judge as of the weekend, I assume that will be updated soon. This appointment is for the rest of the year only, as the position will be filled for the next four years in the November election. As noted before, Manpreet Monica Singh and Treasea Treviño are in the runoff to be the nominee for that bench. For now, congrats to Judge Ayala, who I’m sure will do an excellent job in the interim. And I’m glad Commissioners Court finally got around to this.

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One Comment

  1. N.M. Horwitz says:

    I saw a Facebook post from Judge Briones last night that looked like a valedictory to the Bench. I looked for news of a new appointment, but couldn’t find one. Thank you for publishing this. Somehow I missed it.

    I want to congratulate Judge Ayala and thank Judge Briones on her service.