Where are the endorsements?

As you know, early voting has begun for the May 7 election, which includes two Constitutional amendments and the special election for HCC District 2. As of last night when I drafted this, I see no endorsements in any of these elections on the Chron’s opinion page. Are these elections not worth it to them, or have they just not gotten around to them yet? I sure hope it’s the latter, and that they will rectify that quickly. I don’t know what they’re waiting for.

Seventeen days after that election will be the primary runoffs. A quick check of the Erik Manning spreadsheet confirms for me that in all of the Democratic primary runoffs for which the Chron issued a March endorsement, their preferred candidate is still running. In ballot order:

CD38 – Duncan Klussman
Lt. Governor – Mike Collier
Attorney General – Joe Jaworski
Comptroller – Janet Dudding
Land Commissioner – Jay Kleberg
SBOE4 – Staci Childs
HD147 – Danielle Bess
185th Criminal Court – Judge Jason Luong
208th Criminal Court – Kim McTorry
Commissioners Court Precinct 4 – Lesley Briones

You may or may not agree with these, but those are who the Chron picked. They have no races to revisit among them. They do, however, have three more races to consider, which were among those they skipped in Round One:

312th Family Court – Judge Chip Wells vs Teresa Waldrop
County Civil Court at Law #4 – MK Singh vs Treasea TreviƱo
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1 Place 2 – Steve Duble vs Sonia Lopez

The links are to my judicial Q&As for those who submitted responses. You can find all the Q&A and interview links from the primary here. More recently I interviewed Staci Childs and Coretta Mallet-Fontenot in SBOE4; I will have an interview with Janet Dudding on Monday. There’s no need to rush if the Chron wants to circle back to these races they ignored originally – they can wait till after the May 7 election, but not too long since early voting there will begin on May 16. It’s only three runoff races (*), plus those two Constitutional amendments and that one HCC race. C’mon, Chron editorial board, you can do this.

(*) There may be some Republican runoffs for them to revisit as well. I didn’t check and am obviously not as interested. I doubt most Republican runoff voters are either, so whatever. The HD147 special election is between the same two candidates as in the primary runoff, so we can assume the endorsement for one carries over to the other.

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5 Responses to Where are the endorsements?

  1. TexMike says:

    They should also make a choice for County Commissioner PCT4.

  2. TexMike – They did, they endorsed Lesley Briones in March. My bad, I forgot to include that one. I will update the post.

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  4. Doug says:

    I just got an anonymous robocall informing me that in the H-147 race, Danielle Bess was the candidate endorsed by the GOP, and that she wouldn’t fight for liberal causes like voting rights. I wonder who paid for that call?

  5. Mainstream says:

    Ironically, former GOP county chair Gary Polland urged Republican voters in his recent newsletter to vote AGAINST Danielle Bess on the basis that she was endorsed by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, without mentioning that the opponent is Jolanda Jones, hardly a more business-friendly or conservative choice. Politics does make strange bedfellows. And Polland is one of the lawyers for Dr. Steven Hotze, indicted in the last week regarding hiring an investigator who assaulted a guy with a van wrongly thought to be filled with stolen ballots.

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