Sen. Gutierrez talks about 2024

He’s officially still thinking about it and will announce after the session. I’d say it’s a strong bet he’s already decided to run.

Sen. Roland Gutierrez

State Senator Roland Gutierrez said Wednesday he’s going to wait before deciding on running for U.S. Senate. If he jumps in the race, the South Texas Democrat would be challenging incumbent Republican Ted Cruz.

It was six years ago that Cruz faced El Paso Congressman Beto O’Rourke at the ballot box. The Democrat came close to defeating Cruz, but the Republican held on with 50.9 percent of the vote.

Today political watchers are wondering if Cruz is still vulnerable to a strong challenger, especially after Cruz’s role in the Jan 6th attempt to stop the counting of the Electoral College votes.


Gutierrez has not ruled out running for Senate but he said a decision on challenging Cruz in the 2024 election is going to have to wait because he’s focused on the current Texas legislative session. And he’s particularly concerned with the issues connected to the Uvalde school shooting.

“I got to be 100 percent focused on the next five weeks. And gotta do what I can do for these families. My future we’ll figure all those things later down the road,” he said.

Gutierrez said when the session ends — which is in about five weeks — he will then consult with his family before making a decision to enter the race.

See here for the background. The middle of the story is about Cruz admitting to his complicity in the 2020 insurrection, which wasn’t exactly a secret but never hurts to remember. I obviously don’t know for sure that Sen. Gutierrez will run, though I do believe he will, but if he does he’ll give Cruz a good fight. And he won’t have to give up his seat to make the race, which I’m sure is a factor in his decision as well. I’ll be ready to make a donation when he makes it official.

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