Weekend link dump for July 2

“But Musk’s constant lying about Twitter’s bot situation should be different. Nobody likes bots, and Musk has spent many months concocting ludicrous claims about them. Everyone should be annoyed. When he tried to get out of buying Twitter, he said bots were rampant. Since being forced to follow through on his purchase, he has claimed the opposite. Neither position has been honest. Fourteen months after Musk made his deal, and nine after he took over, something has become clear about his public statements: If he’s talking about bots, he is absolutely full of it, and nobody should believe him.”

A lovely story about an Afghan refugee family now living in San Antonio and the elementary school their oldest children are attending, which has classes that are specially designed for children whose education was disrupted by war or persecution before they arrived in the United States.

Maybe consider cold brewing your tea instead of making sun tea.

RIP, John B. Goodenough, Nobel prizewinner in chemistry for his contributions in developing the lithium-ion battery.

Thanks for the solid, Senator Scott! Stay out on that campaign trail as much as you want.

Let them fight.

Why anyone would be listening to anything Lance Armstrong would be saying in the Year of Our Lord 2023 is a question I cannot answer.

“For five years Paramount made Star Trek its streaming guiding light, a franchise dream that pushed Paramount’s own digital walled garden to where it is today. Now, those stars are starting to blink out, and the studio only has itself to blame.”

Behind the Scenes of Justice Alito’s Unprecedented Wall Street Journal Pre-buttal”.

“703 Ways Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Conduct Bears No Resemblance to Hillary Clinton’s Emails”. Yes, 703.

“There’s a Time Bomb in Progressives’ Big Supreme Court Voting Case Win”.

You probably shouldn’t try to update “We Didn’t Start The Fire”. It’s a lot harder than you think.

RIP, Julian Sands, actor best known for A Room With A View.

“Gen Z’s affinity for watching content with captions on and the increasingly global nature of streaming are creating a massive market for transcribers – even as AI looms to take their jobs.”

“Emails first released by the Jan. 6 Committee that have not previously been reported on in detail reveal how several key Trump attorneys coordinated the actions of two fake electors from the state of Nevada — both of whom have now reportedly received immunity in exchange for testimony in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation.”

RIP, Alan Arkin, Oscar- and Tony-winning (and Emmy-nominated) actor known for Little Miss Sunshine, among many other roles.

Not everyone deserves to eat good pizza.

The Mysterious Case of the Fake Gay Marriage Website, the Real Straight Man, and the Supreme Court”. What do you call a Supreme Court that makes earth-shaking rulings on civil rights based on lies?

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