Gag order? What gag order?

It doesn’t count if I’m fundraising, right?

A crook any way you look

Suspended Attorney General Ken Paxton is fundraising off his upcoming impeachment trial and characterizing the rare political event in a way that appears to be a direct violation of the gag order established by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick last month.

In a fundraising email sent late Tuesday afternoon, Paxton is asking for contributions while framing next month’s trial as “illegal”.

“By preceding [sic] with this illegal impeachment scheme to overturn a decision from Texas voters just a few short months ago, the corrupt politicians in the Texas House [of Representatives] are demonstrating that blind loyalty to Speaker Dade Phelan is more important that upholding their oath of office,” the fundraising email states.

It was sent from Ken Paxton’s website –

But Lt. Gov. Patrick has condemned Paxton’s own attorneys for using such language to describe the impeachment trial.

According to Patrick’s gag order established on July 17, anyone who is “party to the trial of impeachment… shall not furnish any statement or information… [that] will have a substantial likelihood of materially prejudicing the trial of impeachment.”


Paxton’s attorney for the upcoming impeachment trial said his client is doing nothing wrong.

“Attorney General Paxton and his campaign committee are in full compliance with all orders from the senate,” Tony Buzbee, a Paxton attorney, said in a statement to WFAA.

Patrick’s office did not immediately respond to questions about whether Paxton’s characterization of the impeachment as “illegal” and “a kangaroo court” violates the gag order for prejudicial and inflammatory language.

See here for more on the gag order. I dunno, I’m just a simple country blogger, but that all sure sounds “inflammatory” to me. The one person who can say for sure is Dan Patrick. Anytime you want to fill us in, Danno, we’re ready to hear it.

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