One losing Republican drops his sore loser lawsuit


A Harris County GOP judicial candidate dropped his lawsuit challenging his November election results, one of 21 similar pending lawsuits brought by defeated Republican candidates.

Dan Spjut lost the race for the Harris County Criminal Court at Law No. 10 judicial seat to Judge Juanita Jackson by 24,135 votes.

Spjut dropped his lawsuit Thursday morning, as closing arguments were underway in the first of the 21 lawsuits to go to trial.


According to court filings, Spjut “no longer desires to prosecute this suit.”

Spjut originally filed his lawsuit on Jan. 6, the deadline to challenge the November races.

See here for more on the just-concluded lawsuit. The list of all original sore losers is here. It’s hard not to wonder and speculate why Spjut did what he did. Maybe he just wanted to move on. Maybe he took a job he likes or is moving out of town or is in some other position where he couldn’t or wouldn’t want to run again if it came to that. Maybe he watched this case and said “these clowns have nothing, I’m wasting my time”. Maybe some day we’ll find out. In the meantime, one down and twenty to go.

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