Weekend link dump for August 13

“In short, hand-counting ballots isn’t as easy as it sounds.”

“A successful prosecution does not hinge on what Trump BELIEVED about the 2020 election. If Trump is convicted, it will be based on his ACTIONS.”

“America’s worst gerrymander may soon finally die”.

Who knows when the Emmy Awards will happen.

Well, that’s one way to soften the blow of bad news.

“After weeks of giving Earth the silent treatment, NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft is once again communicating with mission control from billions of miles away.”

RIP, William Friedkin, Oscar-winning director of The French Connection, The Exorcist, and more.

“It’s not about winning or preventing fraud. It’s about getting publicity or attention. It’s about grifting, convincing others to donate to their cause.”

He might have committed some light technical violations of the Constitution. No biggie.

Disbar him and lock him up. I don’t care in what order.

“In a victory for LGBTQ rights, a broad swath of the U.S. population of gay and bisexual men on Monday became newly able donate blood, thanks to the implementation by the American Red Cross of a landmark recent change in Food and Drug Administration policy.”

“The irony is you need to go to office but every meeting is via Zoom.”

“At this point, there is both everything and nothing to say about Trump; the indictment is both unprecedented and precedented, astonishing and unsurprising. Many of the words written and spoken about his subversion campaign have stressed its enormity—and yet I increasingly can’t shake the conclusion that too many reporters and editors have normalized it, at least implicitly, by covering Trump as in any sense a normal candidate for 2024.”

“Meet the Brains Behind the Malware-Friendly AI Chat Service ‘WormGPT’”.

A great story about the Soul Asylum “Runaway Train” video, which featured multiple images of “missing” children and which was credited with helping to find many of them. This story is about what happened to several of those runaways. Well worth your time.

We’ve all had bad days. Peggy Jones had a worse day than you did. Link via The Bloggess.

RIP, Robbie Robertson, guitarist/singer/songwriter, collaborator with Martin Scorsese, leader of the Band.

There’s a really simple solution to this problem, if only these “moderate Republicans” would realize it.

“The Clop ransomware gang is expected to earn between $75-100 million from extorting victims of their massive MOVEit data theft campaign.”

RIP, Johnny Hardwick, actor who voiced Dale Gribble on King of the Hill.

“Remember the call in which then-President Trump called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and demanded he find him 11,780 more votes and threatened him with prosecution if he didn’t. That call alone should be more than enough to send Trump to prison for years. In its own way it’s worse than almost everything else noted in the federal indictments. It is so stunning that I’m writing this post just to step us back and refocus our attention on just how stunning it is.”

What happened in Hawaii this week is just heartbreaking. Via my buddy Steve, a/k/a Linkmeister, here’s how you can help.

On the matter of Kenneth Chesebro, the coup-plotting attorney who was just trying to do the best lawyering he could for his client and who could possibly object to that, I am reminded of the Lawrence Block classic The Ehrengraf Defense. A short, snappy tale about what a truly dedicated attorney will do for a client in need.

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  1. Flypusher says:

    The Hawaii disaster gets more horrifying with each update. Hurricanes are bad, wildfires are bad, but now we have the “fire hurricane” to one up them both. I watched an interview with the Governor- although he was mincing some words (he said in case there were children listening) I came to the conclusion that many more people than we realized were basically cremated by the intense heat, and it happened so fast many of them probably had no chance. The death count is already near 100 and I expect it could get much worse. Absolutely terrifying and yet another set of problems the disaster planners need to account for. We need to know every detail about why so many people got no warning.

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