2023 runoff early voting: With two days to go

I changed up the schedule of posting early voting daily totals because I realized that the EV periods for the three years I’m comparing are all different, which makes the comparisons a little screwy. At this point in all three runoffs there are two days of voting left, so let’s do that comparison.

Year    Mail     Early    Total
2015   22,116   50,257   72,373
2019   14,902   67,531   82,433
2023    9,979   80,939   90,918

Previously posted totals are here, the final daily EV report from 2015 is here, the final daily EV report from 2019 is here, and the totals for 2023 through Sunday are here.

At this point in the race, there had been five days of early voting in 2015, eight days in 2019, and seven days this year. Let’s just roll with that. It’s nice to see that there have finally been some mail ballots received for the runoff, and the in person totals for this year continue to be strong. The average number of people voting in person per day is higher this year than in the previous years as well. Does that mean anything? At least we know it’s (almost) all Houston voters, so I won’t misguess any final totals because of that.

I dunno. On the one hand there’s obviously a lot of activity going on, and on the other hand it all still seems oddly quiet. There have been no shocking reveals, no cringingly dirty attack ads (in the Mayor’s race, anyway), or anything that might make one say “that could be a game changer”. I’ll make some projections about final turnout later in the week. Have you voted yet?

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