Mayor Whitmire inaugurated

Congratulations and best wishes to the new Mayor.

Mayor John Whitmire

Former state Sen. John Whitmire was sworn in as Houston’s 63rd mayor just after midnight Monday in a private ceremony with family and friends at City Hall.

Judge Victor Trevino III conducted the ceremony, and Whitmire took his oath on his mother’s prayer book and Bible, held by his daughters Whitney and Sarah Whitmire.

“We worked hard for two years to explain our vision for the city of Houston and it’s to have total transparency, to share with Houston what I see as a mayor,” Whitmire said following his oath. “We have a great city, great people and we need to do everything we can to see that Houston goes forward and even becomes greater.”

Whitmire will take a public oath with the incoming controller and new and incumbent council members in a ceremony Tuesday at the Wortham Theater.


As Houston’s new mayor, Whitmire will have to tackle the city’s growing budget deficit, residents’ violent crime concerns and the firefighters union’s contract stalemate.

As noted before, we’ll talk about those things as they come up. Let the new Mayor get his feet under him, he’s now got plenty of things to do, probably sooner than he’s prefer to have to do them. We will hope for all the best. Houston Landing and Campos, whose picture from Twitter I’ve embedded above, have more.

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