Paxton again ordered to sit for whistleblower deposition

Keep on losing, Kenny.

A crook any way you look

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton could have to answer questions under oath in a lawsuit that prompted his impeachment last year.

In a one-sentence order issued Friday evening, Texas’s Third Court of Appeals denied Paxton’s challenge to a lower court order requiring him to be deposed in a lawsuit brought by a group of former top deputies.

The Court, which has a Democratic majority, also denied Paxton’s petition to enforce a settlement agreement with the former employees.

Friday’s ruling means Paxton and three of his aides will have to participate in a deposition in the case. However, he’s likely to appeal the decision to the Texas Supreme Court.


In response to Friday’s ruling, Tom Nesbitt, [whistleblower Blake] Brickman’s attorney, told The Texas Newsroom the decision is “another court rejecting Ken Paxton’s effort to … deny accountability for his own grimey conduct.”

Nesbitt said he expects Paxton to appeal, adding “there’s no limit to the amount of taxpayer money Ken Paxton will try to spend to continue to buy delay.”

See here and here for the background. I would not say Paxton is “likely” to appeal to SCOTx, I’d say he’s absolutely certain to do so. He will also need to do so quickly, as things are moving along in the case. I will of course keep an eye on it. Reform Austin has more.

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  1. Jeff N. says:

    Ken Paxton, Donald Trump. Tweedledee, Tweedledum. I can no longer distinguish one from the other.

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