No, really, Paxton ordered to sit for deposition

Oh yeah.

A crook any way you look

Attorney General Ken Paxton’s efforts to end a whistleblower lawsuit against him has been dealt another blow after a Travis County judge denied his attempt to end the case without being deposed.

The ruling, which Paxton’s office publicized in an angry statement late Wednesday, means Paxton remains ordered to sit for a deposition on Feb. 1 in the wrongful termination suit filed in 2020 under the Texas Whistleblower Act. The lawsuit from four of Paxton’s former top aides allege that they were fired as punishment for reporting Paxton to the FBI on suspicion of bribery. The aides said they believed Paxton was misusing his office to help campaign donor and friend Nate Paul.

Paxton has previously sought to block his deposition and end the suit, but earlier this month, the 3rd Texas Court of Appeals and the Texas Supreme Court affirmed a lower court’s decision to force him to testify under oath. The deposition was set for Feb. 1.

Last week, Paxton tried to end the long-running dispute, when he said he would no longer contest the facts of the case and would accept any judgment. Paxton denied any wrongdoing, framing the move as an effort to end a costly and distracting lawsuit, not an admission of guilt.

Travis County Judge Jan Soifer’s latest decision means Paxton could have to answer questions about the case that led to his impeachment trial.

In a statement, Paxton condemned the judge’s decision, saying the court was “recklessly disregarding legal precedent, abusing the litigation system, and displaying shocking bias.”

See here, here, and here for the previous updates. What a fucking weenie this guy is. I’d like to have a more sophisticated bit of analysis here, but sometimes a bit of profanity is all that’s really needed. The article says that Paxton had not yet decided whether or not to appeal, but come on, we know he will. Delay, delay, delay, that’s the goal here. It would be very nice if the appeals court and the Supreme Court respond with promptness, since they’ve pretty much already answered this question. And then maybe, finally, we’ll see what Ken Paxton has to say for himself when he’s under oath.

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  1. John says:

    Just like he was a wimp in his Senate trial (where he refused to attend the testimony in person) he thought he could outsmart the system. Hats of to Springer for saying this publicly but Patrick is another morally bankrupt person he will not do anything about it

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