We have HCAD candidates

I promised you last week I would check again to see who if anyone had filed for those new HCAD Board Member positions. Here I deliver on that promise. I inquired again with the County Judge’s office, and was given the following:

Place 1: Ramsey Isa Ankar and William Reinhardt Frazer

Place 2: Kyle Anthony Scott, Janice W. Hines, and Austin Ryan Pooley

Place 3: James L. Bill, Amy Ngo Lacy, and Ericka McCrutcheon

For Place 1, William Reinhardt Frazer is Republican Bill Frazer, former two-time candidate for City Controller. I have no idea who “Ramsey Isa Ankar” is – Google was inconclusive, and I didn’t find anyone obvious by that name on Facebook.

For Place 2, Kyle Anthony Scott is the Republican former candidate for Harris County Treasurer. Austin Ryan Pooley is a Democrat who actually reached out to me to ask about this position; I answered his questions as best I could and he wrote back to confirm that he had filed. I have no idea who “Janice W. Hines” is – as above, Google was inconclusive, and I didn’t find anyone obvious by that name on Facebook.

For Place 3, Ericka McCrutcheon is the Republican two-time candidate for Houston City Council, most recently in 2023. Amy Ngo Lacy is an attorney whose political orientation I can’t confirm. There’s an Amy Ngo who is a Democrat and member of the Sheila for Congress (Re-Elect) group, but I can’t say for sure this is the same person. I didn’t find anyone of interest named “Amy Lacy” on Facebook, and “Amy Ngo Lacy” mostly gives me the same unhelpful results. As for “James L. Bill”, I’m sure you can imagine how good the Google results for that were.

So as of Thursday morning, we have a Republican and a cipher for Place 1, a Republican and a Democrat and a cipher for place 2, and a Republican and a maybe-Democrat and a cipher for Place 3. Some room for improvement here, but the filing deadline is not until tomorrow at 5 PM, so there’s still time. If you know anything about these people or about others who may be running, please leave a comment and let us know.

Oh, and I have finally found a single news story about this election, on the Texas Scorecard, written by the guy who occasionally contributes Bill King Lite op-eds to the Chron and who clearly sent a similar email to the County Judge’s office to inquire about this but just printed the list without bothering to try to identify any of them. Great work there.

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2 Responses to We have HCAD candidates

  1. James L. Bill ( J.Bill) says:

    Good Morning Im J.Bill a native houstonian 28 year old Democrat.

    For the better part of my adult life I’ve yearned to make a difference, within recent years that yearning has turned to

    complete fervor due to the poor representation, lack of accountability, and frankly stupidity coming from our local and federal governments.

    wholeheartedly i believe the solution to all our problems are at the voting box, by supporting, endorsing,sponsoring, and promoting the right candidate for public office. As you may know the majority voting age are millennials and now gen z.

    In lieu of this those generational groups votes the less. Reasoning being that they feel that there vote doesn’t count and everything is preordained.

    How will the community combat against this loss of patriotism, the steep decline of America’s prominence, the emptiness that every man and woman and child feel that the government has left them.

    The answer to this most fundamental question is to bring forth a candidate that mirrors the community they wish to represent, one where the duty of serve is paramount, one that understands the ebb and flow of the daily struggles that impacts our citizenry.

    it’s now time for us as a community to bare the load of generational Injustice to quail the divisiveness and divisionary practices that runs rampant today.

    We believe these truths to be self-evident that all men and women are created equal
    that we are endowed by our creator certain inaliable rights amongst these life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

    we Believe governments are instituted amongst men to secure these rights and at when any government becomes destructive of those ends it falls upon the people to alter or abolish it

    Those words still rings true 245 years later
    we must remember though our ideals, political stance, color, and or gender May differ but it is in fact United as one people and as one nation we shall stand against any foe foreign or domestic for ourselves, our children and for the people.

    VOTE J.Bill HCAD At-large position 3

    [email protected]

  2. Souperman says:

    I’ve found some information on the three unidentified candidates (addresses, mostly), but little that leads me to be able to definitively figure out political affiliation. They don’t appear to have run for office before and don’t seem to be precinct chairs for either party.

    Amy Ngo Lacy gave $1500 to David Dewhurst’s senate campaign in 2012 to help retire his debt. She also gave money to Republican judicial candidates in Harris County (and one to Gloria Lopez, a Democratic judge, in 2022). I don’t think she’s the same person as the Amy Ngo who is a part of the Sheila for Congress Facebook group.

    Janice Hines doesn’t show any contribution history, but her husband seems to have given $100 to a primary challenger to Jarvis Johnson in 2015. Nothing else in federal or state contribution searches.

    Ramsey Ankar sent $3.50 to the Realtors PAC in 2021 (and appears to be a real estate agent). Nothing else in federal or state contribution searches.

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