Interview with Rosalind Caesar

Rosalind Caesar

Once more into HD139, where this time we meet up with political veteran Rosalind Caesar. Caesar currently serves on the Board of Harris County Municipal Utility District (MUD) 304, which provides “water, wastewater and in some cases, drainage services” to residents within its boundaries. A graduate of Huston Tillotson University with a degree in Criminal Justice, Caesar has worked with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and has been an adjunct professor. She has also been a precinct chair, has worked on numerous local campaigns, and is an active member of the Spiritual Advisory Committee of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats. Here’s what we talked about:


Karthik Soora, SD15
Michelle Bonton, SD15
Molly Cook, SD15
Rep. Jarvis Johnson, SD15
Todd Litton, SD15
Beto Cardenas, SD15
Annette Ramirez, Tax Assessor
Danielle Bess, Tax Assessor
Jerry Davis, Tax Assessor
Desiree Broadnax, Tax Assessor
Claude Cummings, Tax Assessor
Amanda Edwards, CD18
Pervez Agwan, CD07
Rep. Lizzie Fletcher, CD07
Christian Menefee, Harris County Attorney
Umeka Lewis, Harris County Attorney
Kim Ogg, Harris County District Attorney
Sean Teare, Harris County District Attorney
Danny Norris, HD142
Lauren Ashley Simmons, HD146
Ashton Woods, HD146
Melissa McDonough, CD38
Gion Thomas, CD38
Mo Jenkins, HD139
Charlene Ward Johnson, HD139

This is it, the final week before Early Voting. You can keep track of all my interviews and judicial Q&As on the ever indispensable Erik Manning spreadsheet.

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