Interview with Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards

This is going to be a slightly weird week, as I have had some recent scheduling challenges. Happens every cycle, not a big deal, but in the short term it can scramble things a bit for me. My original plan was to have CD07 and CD18 interviews run last week, but that’s the way it goes. Be that as it may, I’m happy to bring you this interview with Amanda Edwards, who has been running for CD18 since dropping out of the Mayor’s race last year. Edwards is a Houston native and attorney who served as an At Large City Council member from 2015 to 2019, which included a stint on the H-GAC Transportation Policy Council. She has also worked in the office of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, against whom she’s now running. I interviewed her in 2015 when she ran for Council. You can listen to that here and you can listen to this interview here:


Karthik Soora, SD15
Michelle Bonton, SD15
Molly Cook, SD15
Rep. Jarvis Johnson, SD15
Todd Litton, SD15
Beto Cardenas, SD15
Annette Ramirez, Tax Assessor
Danielle Bess, Tax Assessor
Jerry Davis, Tax Assessor
Desiree Broadnax, Tax Assessor
Claude Cummings, Tax Assessor

As noted, this week is a little weird. If all goes well, I will be doing the interviews for CD07 today and tomorrow. Because I prefer to do all the interviews in a race before beginning to publish them (where possible), I’ll skip tomorrow and run those two on Wednesday and Thursday. As of late last week when I drafted this, I’m still in the process of scheduling an appointment with Rep. Jackson Lee and will run her interview at the first opportunity after that is done. I still plan to run interviews with the candidates for County Attorney and District Attorney next week. You can keep track of all my interviews and judicial Q&As on the ever indispensable Erik Manning spreadsheet.

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