Early voting to proceed mostly as normal

From the inbox:

Harris County Clerk Teneshia Hudspeth announces that early voting for the May 28 Primary Runoff Elections will start on Monday, May 20, as scheduled. Despite the challenges the county faces due to the storm on Friday, we are pleased to announce that 44 vote centers will be open from May 20 to May 24, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

“Our hearts are with everyone affected by the storm. Although our office was also impacted, we have worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure that the May 28 Primary Runoff Elections proceed as planned,” said Clerk Hudspeth, the county’s chief election official. “Our office is committed to conducting well-organized, transparent, and fair elections. Under the current circumstances, the safety of voters and election workers remains our top priority.”

The Elections Department has been working with the Texas Secretary of State, Harris County Commissioners, the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Harris County Universal Services, the two major political parties, and vote center personnel to safely open as many vote centers as originally scheduled. Click here to view a list of the 44 vote centers open during early voting, May 20 through May 24.

The following locations will not open for early voting:

  • BakerRipley Middle School – 4414 Navigation Boulevard, Houston, TX 77011
  • Hardy Street Senior Citizens Center – 11901 West Hardy Road, Houston, TX 77076
  • Richard and Meg Weekley Community Center – 8440 Greenhouse Road, Cypress, TX 77433
  • North Channel Branch Library – 15741 Wallisville Road, Houston, TX 77049
  • Lone Star College Victory Center – 4141 Victory Drive, Houston, TX 77088
  • First Congregational Church – 10840 Beinhorn Road, Houston, TX 77024

“I want to remind everyone that there are only five days of early voting for this election. The most important thing to remember is that voters must vote in the same party’s runoff election that they voted in during the March 5 Primaries,” added Clerk Hudspeth. “If a voter cast their ballot in the Republican Primary on March 5, then they can only participate in the Republican Runoff Election. The same is true for Democratic primary voters.”

The address where a voter is registered and which party’s primary they chose to vote in determines what contests will be on the ballot. Voters can view and print their personalized sample ballot to take to the polls on the Harris Votes website.

All things considered, not too bad. Hopefully we’ll have the original complement of voting locations for the 28th.

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