Primary runoff results: Harris County

So this happened:

That was quite the storm, though after what we’ve already experienced just this month it’s not as impressive as it might have been. It was even worse in North Texas, where some polls stayed open until 9 as a result.

Be that as it may, over 300K CenterPoint customers were without power yesterday afternoon (we were thankfully not among them), and as of that disturbance about 7K people had voted. While it was no doubt a pain in the butt for anyone trying to vote at that time, the number of people doing so was probably small.

As of 10 PM, with about a quarter of the Tuesday votes in, I feel confident saying that Lauren Simmons will win in HD146, Annette Ramirez will win Tax Assessor, Velda Faulkner will oust Justice Jerry Zimmerer on the 14th Court of Appeals, Vivian King will win for Criminal District Court 486, and Jerome Moore will win for Constable Precinct 5. Jarvis Johnson was leading for SD15 and Charlene Ward Johnson was leading for HD139, but in both cases the margin was close enough that it could change by morning.

And that’s where I’m going to leave it for tonight. I’ll update in the morning.

UPDATE: And overnight, Molly Cook has taken the lead in SD15. That article itself is a bit out of date, as Cook’s lead grew all the way to 74 votes as the last voting centers came in. Meanwhile, Charlene Ward Johnson maintained her lead in HD139.

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