Interview with Danny Norris

Danny Norris

For the next two weeks I will have interviews with various legislative candidates – for HDs 139, 142, and 146, for SD07, and for CD38. This will get us up to the start of early voting, which begins on February 20. There may be a late addition or two in there, you never know, but this is what I have now. Today we talk with Danny Norris, who is one of three challengers to Rep. Harold Dutton in HD142. We all know why Dutton is drawing a field of challengers, so let’s talk about Norris, who stepped down as the Precinct 1 representative on the HCDE Board of Trustees, to which he was elected in 2018, to run for this seat. He is a lawyer and former educator who has been president of the Houston Lawyers Association, former chair of the African American Lawyers Section of the State Bar of Texas, and advisor to the Houston Professionals Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers. Here’s what we talked about:


Karthik Soora, SD15
Michelle Bonton, SD15
Molly Cook, SD15
Rep. Jarvis Johnson, SD15
Todd Litton, SD15
Beto Cardenas, SD15
Annette Ramirez, Tax Assessor
Danielle Bess, Tax Assessor
Jerry Davis, Tax Assessor
Desiree Broadnax, Tax Assessor
Claude Cummings, Tax Assessor
Amanda Edwards, CD18
Pervez Agwan, CD07
Rep. Lizzie Fletcher, CD07
Christian Menefee, Harris County Attorney
Umeka Lewis, Harris County Attorney
Kim Ogg, Harris County District Attorney
Sean Teare, Harris County District Attorney

We are in the home stretch now. I will have more legislative and Congressional interviews leading up to the start of Early Voting. You can keep track of all my interviews and judicial Q&As on the ever indispensable Erik Manning spreadsheet.

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