More on Rep. Nehls’ ethics investigation

Again, could be something, could be nothing.

Rep. Troy Nehls

U.S. Rep. Troy Nehls said he is cooperating with a House ethics committee “matter” that he says is related to his campaign finances.

After the House Ethics Committee last week acknowledged they were looking into an undisclosed issue involving Nehls, the Fort Bend County Republican quickly offered to assist them.

“My campaign has complied with every Federal Election Commission (FEC) law, and my books are open,” Nehls said.


In December 2023, the FEC flagged Nehls’ campaign report for inaccurate fundraising totals. In October, he reported raising nearly $365,000 and spending $216,000. After the FEC inquiry, he submitted an amended report in January showing he had actually raised $484,000 and spent about $314,000.

Those campaign fundraising totals have since grown to $525,274 raised and $353,000 spent, according to his latest report filed in February. He had about $588,000 in his campaign account heading into the March primary elections.

See here for the background. This is all consistent with there being a clerical error or some other readily fixable situation. It’s also possible this goes quite a bit deeper. We won’t know until we hear from the committee, which as noted will be in May. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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