House Ethics Committee investigating Rep. Troy Nehls

Could be something. We’ll see.

Rep. Troy Nehls

U.S. Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Richmond, is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee, the bipartisan panel announced Tuesday. It did not specify the focus of the investigation, but Nehls said it was related to his campaign’s finances.

The committee announced it was digging into a matter reported to its members on Dec. 11 and it will announce how it will proceed by May 10. Investigations do not indicate that there have been any proven violations of ethics rules.

Nehls said in a statement Tuesday that he would cooperate with the committee.

“My campaign has complied with every Federal Election Commission (FEC) law, and my books are open,” he said.

The committee is made up of five Democrats and five Republicans, with U.S. Rep. Michael Guest, R-Mississippi, serving as the chair. U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-El Paso, is the only Texan on the committee. Guest and ranking member Susan Wild, D-Pennsylvania, jointly agreed to pursue the investigation.

Nehls is known for his colorful personality on Capitol Hill, which has often led to controversy.


Nehls’ campaign reported losing over $150,000 last year in wire fraud last year, prompting an investigation by the Federal Election Commission. The campaign was able to recover over $130,000 of the stolen funds, which were reportedly sent to a mysterious entity, “Misty J Productions.”

Before Congress, Nehls was fired in 1998 as an officer with the Richmond Police Department after several violations to department policy, including mishandling evidence and disobeying orders.

That bit about him having a “colorful personality” is a polite way of saying he’s a huge asshole. Whatever this investigation is about, we’ll know more in May. Recent such cases have ranged from George Santos, who famously ended up being ejected from Congress for sins too numerous to mention, to Pat Fallon, whose case was closed with no action being taken. We’ll see where this one ends up.

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  1. Flypusher says:

    “That bit about him having a “colorful personality” is a polite way of saying he’s a huge asshole.”

    You’re selling him short. He’s also a clown, a hypocrite, and a cowardly bootlicker.

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