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July traffic report

July had a slight downtick to 49,000 visitors (August has already exceeded this). I continue to think that’s just randomness, mostly due to fluctuations in search engine referrals. The holiday week is also a slow time.

July featured the appearance of some guest bloggers for the first time in this space. I think they did a great job – they certainly let me relax during my time away, knowing that the place was in good hands. Having decided that a little time off now and again is beneficial, I figure I’ll do something like that once a year or so.

July also featured the unfortunate reappearance of referral log spam, which is still the stupidest use of spammer resources that I can imagine. I guess it’s marginally less annoying than comment or trackback spam, but still.

Top referrers and search engine terms are beneath the fold. As always, thanks very much for coming by.

Aggregators, collections, indices, etc ====================================== 239: 201: Weblog referrers ================ 1993: Daily Kos
478: Pink Dome
465: In the Pink Texas
252: Greg's Opinion
249: The Burnt Orange Report
187: Atrios
Top search terms ================ #reqs search term 983 diane zamora 831 real men of genius 204 schlitterbahn galveston 152 budweiser real men of genius 130 beer bong 126 off the kuff 117 women of enron 114 tim mcglashen 107 thong contest 95 largest rat 87 walton and johnson 85 american idol try outs 85 reagan greer 78 kiol 73 ugly people 69 american idol tryouts 67 real men of genius lyrics 65 david graham diane zamora 64 david graham and diane zamora 62 texas cheerleaders

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