Weekend link dump for June 2

For no particular reason, you should watch this video. You’re welcome.

Sure has been a rough couple of years for ol’ Rudy Giuliani. That sound you hear is my heart breaking for him.

“But regardless of how swiftly Trump and his team backtracked on the remarks, the idea of restricting or even banning contraceptives is not a new platform for Republicans.”

“But did I find the answer I sought: why Lehrer gave it all up? I am not sure. What I can tell you is that Tom Lehrer is a prodigiously talented man who has no interest at all in money for its own sake, or in money to wield power. He wants enough to be comfortable and to do the few things he wants to do, and he has that.

“The viewers may not like it, but they’ll accept it.”

“The Live Nation lawsuit carries on this approach. The feds lament the way Ticketmaster, by far the biggest player in concert ticketing, piles costs that “far exceed fees in comparable parts of the world” onto concertgoers’ laps. But the suit is really about an ecosystem, about how Live Nation’s control of a ticketing giant contributes to its control of venues and event promotion and worsens the whole enterprise. Artists have less freedom to promote their work as they see fit and perform in ideal venues. Promoters miss out on lots of business if they don’t play by Live Nation’s rules. And concert venues are at risk of not getting good acts if they don’t work within a ticketing system that (for one thing) sucks and (for another) may not enable them to maximize their revenue and keep their patrons happy.”

“Meet the guy who single-handedly took down North Korea’s Internet.” That’s a podcast episode, the article it’s based on is here.

“‘We’re Here’ Needs To Be Here More Than Ever”.

“The fact that so many shows could jump between limited/anthology and either drama or comedy (and have!) makes me wonder: Have we moved past the point of “limited” making sense as a category? Remember when “miniseries” used to be a particular kind of longform? Now, we’re just putting more TV shows in the limited category when they could just as well be in the drama field.”

“For Industrial Emissions, These Bricks May Be a Game Changer. Yes, Bricks.”

“You can disagree on foreign policy, domestic policy, economic policy — take your pick. But I think the most important thing in this election is health and health care — and under another Trump administration it will get more expensive and less accessible, especially for those at the margins. It’s not being discussed enough.”

RIP, Caleb Carr, novelist best known for The Alienist.

RIP, Johnny Wactor, actor best known for General Hospital.

RIP, Dog Ingle, lead singer and co-founder of Iron Butterfly, best known for the song “In-a-Gadda-Da-Vita”, which he co-wrote.

RIP, Bill Walton, basketball Hall of Famer, two-time NCAA champion, two-time NBA champion, longtime broadcaster, general free spirit. People had some strong feelings about him as a broadcaster but I liked him, especially later in his career when he’d sit in on a non-basketball game and just be goofy. He was one of a kind and he’ll be missed.

“Ángel Hernández, the polarizing veteran umpire who has drawn the wrath and exasperation from players, managers and fans alike over three decades, is retiring from Major League Baseball”.

RIP, C. Gordon Bell, engineer and inventor of the minicomputer, which was a bridge between the mainframes of the past and the modern personal computer.

Ugh, Richard Dreyfuss. Well, now we all know to avoid any events he’s at in the future.

“So I’d strongly disagree that the right and left are in comparable positions. Moreover, the idea that they *are* roughly equivalent seems to be a deliberate smokescreen by partisans to hide the real story, which is one of the unprecedented radicalization of the right in service of a minoritarian political project.”

Greenland has applied to become a member of CONCACAF, the governing body for soccer in North and Central America and the Caribbean, the Football Association of Greenland said on Tuesday.” This is slightly complicated by the fact that Greenland is technically a part of Denmark, but it’s not been allowed into UEFA. I’m rooting for CONCACAF to take them here.

Everything you wanted to know about Negro Leagues statistics being incorporated into the official MLB statistical database.

“What’s really going on here is that conservative Christians are treating [Taylor] Swift the same way they’ve been treating female [Contemporary Christian Music] pop stars since the 1970s.”

“Some people just want to be in that Fox News rage spiral. They’re riding a rollercoaster of fear, paranoia, and hate. And people enjoy that. They enjoy sitting in their homes and being angry at the world. I don’t understand that mentality at all. But that’s what Fox provides them.”

“In closing, normal, reasonable people—obviously not Democratic senators or any other American who has dared to question Alito’s ability to be impartial—can see this is totes no big so screw you.”

I question the classification of Shōgun as “Dad TV”. Sure, I loved it, it was a beautifully written and acted and filmed production. Calling it “Dad TV” strikes me as saying it’s a niche product, which I would dispute. (The others listed, fine. Ironically, none of them appeal to me.) I think Shōgun had broad appeal, which to be sure includes the dad contingent. I’m just quibbling with the label. Your mileage may vary.

RIP, Marian Robinson, mother of Michelle Obama.

Resign, Alito. Democrats, don’t take No for an answer.

“Because he won’t withdraw from the race, Democrats and the rest of us should follow the logic of his conviction wherever it leads. Trump should be denied classified candidate briefings, just as felons are disqualified from classified clearance. Trump should be denied the right to vote in his home state of Florida, and if Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans try to create a special exception for him, Democrats should challenge it. They should feel free to demand he be punished to the full extent of the law.”

“Here’s a dirty baker’s dozen of Trump pals, all of whom have been convicted or pleaded guilty to a felony charge. Any of them should be happy to commensurate with Trump over his conviction. That is, if they’re out of jail. And if they’re allowed to associate with felons.”

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5 Responses to Weekend link dump for June 2

  1. J says:

    Guess what! The Christian Nationalists are coming for your kids, with the help of the leaders of Texas. Now it is Bible content in reading and language arts lessons for elementary school children.
    It is probably just a coincidence, but —“ At last week’s Texas GOP convention – which was replete with calls for “spiritual warfare” against their political opponents – delegates voted on a new platform that calls on lawmakers and the SBOE to “require instruction on the Bible, servant leadership and Christian self-governance.””


  2. Robert says:

    Dreyfuss was on Bill Mahers podcast, Club Random, a year ago or so. It was obvious he’s f*cked in the head.

    Here’s a link to a summary of his interview….


  3. Meme says:

    J, the Bible contains all kinds of things, including Sodomy. I don’t recall how young I was, but I remember coming across that word and looking up the definition.

  4. I’m with you guys this time. I strongly support the separation between church and state. We don’t need the government (schools) teaching religion to our kids. That’s best left between the parents, their children, and their church.

  5. C.L. says:

    @Kuff… If Shogun was ‘Dad TV’, then let me pull on some Sansa-belt shorts, calf high compression socks, and break out the lawn chair so I can sit in my own sweat and scream at those neighborhood kids, while drinking a lukewarm Budwesier with one hand and a plastic flyswatter in the other, to Get Off My Lawn !

    Shogun was just an excellent bit of television programing all around. I predict a sweep of any/all awards it’s going to be up for come Emmy season.

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