June HCAD special election runoff early voting Day One: Yeah, we’re doing this again

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Here’s your Day One report for the runoff. It’s fair to say that the voters, fresh off of last week’s primary runoff, have yet to catch up to the present situation. A grand total of 3,130 votes have been cast so far, of which 1,428 were in person and 1,702 were by mail. This is not great for the Democratic candidates in the runoff, as mail votes have been an increasingly significant part of the Democratic GOTV strategy. That said, there’s usually much more of a lead-in to the start of mail voting, so we may get an oddly-shaped curve for the daily rate of return of these ballots. That will be something to keep an eye on. Over 38K mail ballots were sent out for this election, which is right in line with the total number sent for the first round in May. There’s room for a lot of growth here, is what I’m saying.

I will have a deeper dive into early and mail voting patterns from recent elections tomorrow. I will get out ahead of this a little to say that if you are a Democrat, the best thing you can do right now to affect the outcome of this election, beyond voting yourself, is to join an effort to call the regular Dems who have a mail ballot for this election and get them to fill it out and stick it in the mail ASAP. Don’t sleep on this, the final day to receive the ballots is Runoff Day on June 15. Let’s get that number up.

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  1. John Royal says:

    I did my part and voted. Me and the election workers now greet each other as old friends and neighbors.

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