June HCAD special election runoff early voting Day Four: Keep those mail ballots coming in

I haven’t been giving a day-by-day update on the early voting numbers for the HCAD runoff elections – it’s a little harder to say something interesting when there are no similar elections to compare the current one to. But here are the Day Four EV totals anyway, and I’m happy to report that the mail ballot number is beginning to get up to an acceptable level. Almost 6000 mail ballots have arrived since Monday, putting the current figure at 7,616 overall. Add in 5,983 in person ballots for a grand total of 13,599, honestly not too shabby compared to my extremely low expectations all things considered.

At this point I think we can assume that most of the mail ballots being counted were mailed in after early in person voting had started. If you are taking part in an effort to get Dem voters to fill out their ballots, kudos to you for a job well done. It’s also a job still in progress, as we’d need a minimum of 10K mail ballots, and ideally at least 15K, for me to think that they will exert a significant enough effect on the outcome. Keep up the good work. Early voting continues until Tuesday, so however you vote in this race, get out there and do so.

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