Texas Bigfoot redux

You may recall from my previous post on the Texas Bigfoot Research Center that they have an annual conference in the fall to discuss the state of Bigfoot research. Well, that conference was this past weekend. One can only imagine what their Powerpoint presentations look like, but let’s consider these statements from a couple of scientists:

Jimmy Chilcutt, a retired fingerprint analysis expert for the Conroe Police Department, said many of the hundreds of prints he examined belonged to a primate, but not a human, ape, gorilla or chimpanzee.

Like Chilcutt, other well-respected professionals have come forward to say such evidence should not be dismissed.

“To me it’s still an open question, but here’s some evidence that warrants some serious consideration, so give it a chance,” said Jeff Meldrum, associate professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University who has studied more than 150 casts of footprints. “This is not a paranormal question; it’s a biological question.”

My mind is perfectly open, fellas. All I require in order to believe is some recent anatomical remains that can be conclusively shown not to belong to any known primate. If there’s 2000 Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) skulking around North America, sooner or later a body’s got to turn up. Find me one and then we’ll talk.

For more genuine information, read the entry from the James Randi Educational Foundation Encyclopedia, plus this recent tale of Bigfoot evidence put to the DNA test.

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3 Responses to Texas Bigfoot redux

  1. SciGuy says:

    Bigfoot? Come on …

    I’m a skeptic. When it comes to science, I use the skeptic’s line: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Now, it seems there’s a Bigfoot story about once a year in the paper: While they can have a sense of humor…

  2. William Hughes says:


    OK Folks, this is to alert you that the next joke I make will be really bad. It is bad enough to invoke the Internet Bad Joke alert. Please do not blame the management for the poor quality of this joke.

    Am I the only one that read this and thinks of the Fats Waller song “Your Feets Too Big”? 🙂

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