Gone fishin’

Well, not exactly, because I don’t fish. But I do take a break now and then, and now is the time. We’ve got a bunch of extended-family activities going on over the next week and a half, so I’ll be mostly away from the keyboard between now and next Saturday. I’ve got one or two things of my own drafted for publication during this time, and the usual cast of guest stars is in the wings to do a little standing in for me as their schedules permit. This time, I’ve also solicited some guest input from a number of local elected officials and candidates, and I will publish their efforts while I’m slacking off as well. Each of these will have a title that begins with “Guest Post”, so you’ll know who wrote them even though my name will still appear in the permalink at the bottom. This is because it was easier to ask them to send me a document than it was to create a bunch of new author accounts and show them how to use Movable Type.

Anyway. I’ll be back to my regular schedule a week from Monday. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy what all the fine guest contributors have to offer.

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One Response to Gone fishin’

  1. If you do end up fishing, I suggest plank-grilling the fish.

    Did flounder the other day… best flounder I ever had.

    Works with all sorts of fish. Salmon on cedar is the best.

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