A TTC four-pack

Did you know that there’s a bunch od hearings about the Trans Texas Corridor going on around the state? No? Well, it’s not getting that much play in the big city papers, mostly because all the action with the TTC, at least in the near term, is going on in the rural parts of the state. And they’re none too happy about it. Eye on Williamson has been following the news about the hearings closely. His latest about them:

The Startlegram, The TTC & Conspiracy

Report From Last Night’s TTC Meeting In Georgetown

More On The TTC Hearings

My Impressions From A TTC Hearing

There’s more over at BOR, too. One thing you’ll note in all this is how several downballot Democratic candidates have been showing up at a lot of these meetings, making some headway in areas that haven’t been too friendly with Dems lately. Hank Gilbert, the candidate for Ag Commish, has particularly been a force at these events. How successful will this strategy be? It’s too early to say, but you can be sure that Todd Staples will not be in attendance at any of these things. So who knows?

UPDATE: One more report from EoW. Also, via the comments, here’s a link to some video.

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  1. cof says:

    Also have a lot of video and audio at Somervell County Salon/CanOFun from the following counties-Parker/Bell/Bosque/Tarrant/Hood/Johnson and McClennan. Includes Hank Gilbert, Fred Head, Mary Beth Harrell, David Van Os, as well as some officials FOR it that were booed. Plus, of course, citizen comments-lots of outrage.

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