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Isn’t something missing here?

I finally got around to reading this article from yesterday about our Dynamic Duo of Senators (She’s the ranking member with a moderate reputation! He’s the go-to guy for supporting the White House message! Together they fight crime Democrats!) and noticed a slight omission. In the entire piece, this was the only mention of elections:

Cornyn is up for re-election in 2008, which enables him to focus on larger issues at least until then. However, [SMU political science prof Cal] Jillson said, the senator could face political trouble then if he has been perceived by the state’s voters as downplaying or ignoring their needs.

I seem to recall Senator Hutchison being up for re-election this year. If they’re going to bring the subject up at all, they could at least give it a full airing.

Now, I’ve said before that I don’t like feature stories about candidates where half the text is attack quotes from the spokesperson of that candidate’s opponent. This wasn’t a candidate story per se, but regardless of that it wouldn’t have been appropriate to have included quotes from Barbara Radnofsky, who (I say this to remind the Chronicle, as they seem to forget this sort of thing) is Hutchison’s opponent this cycle. Of course, that’s predicated on the expectation that the Chron, in the interest of giving the voters a full and balanced picture Hutchison and her legislative record, devotes a similar front-page story to Radnofsky and her resume. I look forward to seeing this article Real Soon Now.

An email from Radnofsky to the Chron regarding this story is beneath the fold.

I’ve traveled the state and beyond for nearly three years now, and have taken over 475 campaign trips. I will hit trip 500 on Labor Day. Austin and Dallas papers reported Sen. Hutchison’s agreement to debate me, and we have contacted her offices to schedule such a debate. Of course, we’d be greatly interested in the Chronicle hosting such a public service, perhaps on the date when your paper can schedule an editorial board interview.

We believe that the polls, particualrly the Zogby poll, have induced my opponent to agree to debate. She dropped from 60 percent against me in may to 56 in june to 52 by the end of July, the latest zogby numbers.

Yesterday, Sen. Hutchison announced her opinion that we should increase troop commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan. On this we disagree, as has occurred on many issues of the day. My website contains an issues chart (first item on home page under “issues”) which discusses my positions and the votes and statements of my opponent, Sen. Hutchison.

I hope the Chronicle will consider talking to me. I am happy to provide information and commentary on issues, this race and my background.

Barbara Ann Radnofsky
US Senate Committee, Inc
P. O. Box 550377
Houston TX 77255-0377

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  1. Kevin Whited says:

    devotes a similar front-page story to Radnofsky and her resume.

    They may not want to print “precinct chair” over and over and over on their front page. 😉

    I’ve said for a long time that Hearst should form a single D.C. bureau for its newspapers and let those newspapers redeploy resources from their individual D.C. bureaus to state/local coverage. I think this story supports that notion. A Hearst D.C. Bureau could do this sort of reporting, but an expanded local/state team could do much more interesting work with a regional angle. The Chronicle made a decent move by combining Austin bureau resources with the Express-News, but they could still do more.

  2. Dennis says:

    I read the story twice, just to be sure I hadn’t missed the point. I still couldns’t find it. So Kay Bailey, pretty much an empty suit (or dress, I guess) focuses on bringing home the bacon while Cornyn fights right-wing ideological battles. Uh, is there something new here?

  3. Richard Morrison says:

    If the Chron printed that KBH was up for re-election this year, they might be seen as liberal.

    Fight on!
    Richard Morrison