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Sklar’s TV ads

Those of you living in CD14 may soon get to see one of the following ads on cable TV from Shane Sklar.

Ron Paul has raised a lot of money (some of which was used in his primary), but he’s had to spend a bunch to raise what he’s gotten. I’m told he hasn’t done much in the way of advertising, and I wouldn’t expect the NRCC to come riding to his rescue if it comes down to it. Sklar’s campaign may not be registering on the national scene, but it’s been noticed in the district. If you’re looking for a good home for a few extra campaign contribution dollars, consider Shane Sklar.

UPDATE: You might notice that both ads prominently refer to Ron Paul as a “Libertarian”. I wondered about this, and asked the Sklar campaign. This is the response I got:

We polled the political label “Libertarian” as part of the polling we did at the end of April. In CD14, Democrats felt overwhelmingly negatively about “Libertarian”. And Republicans liked it even less.

So there you have it. There’s more about the ads here.

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One Comment

  1. Mathwiz says:

    I don’t have much problem with “libertarians,” but I do have a problem with “Libertarians” (notice the capitalization). There’s nothing wrong with defending individual liberty, but too many, including Ron Paul, try to make a religion out of it, leading them to one absurd position after another.