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BOR has done a series of posts on how the Dems made gains in this last election cycle. The latest entry gives props to the least well known of the factors, the House Democratic Campaign Committee, or HDCC. Check it out.

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  1. d says:

    The latest group to try to take the credit for Democratic gains. First, do they seriously think our victories sprang up out of nowhere and aren’t part of an ongoing process others have been working on? More importantly, while they are busy giving each other high-fives and doing endless victory laps, do they realize the other side is already hunkered down and plotting its counter move?

  2. Phillip Martin says:


    Also the group that did a tremendous amount of work. Ask any campaign — what they did was legit. Between the $200,000-$300,000 they helped raised and donate to House campaigns.

    And who says they’re not already geared towards next cycle (or that they haven’t been). They’re already there.

    Not sure why the negative attitude towards them…unless its just something personal. Because they’ve done great work, will continue to do great work, and I think most everyone (other than you) realizes that.