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Robinson Warehouse – The view from Dallas

I drove past the Robinson Warehouse on Tuesday to see if the debris from the front facade demolition had been cleaned up. It had, mostly, but I couldn’t find any parking nearby – the little service road for Allen Parkway that I normally use was full of cars; it looked like there was a dog group meeting going on in the park. So I’ll try to get those pics another time.

Instead, I continued on to West Dallas, where I’d wanted to get a few photos of the view from there, across the way from the vacant lot that adjoins the Robinson site. And here we are:

That’s what it looks like from the northeast corner of Montrose and West Dallas. You can see just how vast that empty space is – the warehouse itself is barely visible. If all that is part of the Ismaeli Center, it’s going to be huge.

Click on for more.

That’s the view of the lot facing east and north. I couldn’t really get the whole thing in one picture.

That’s one of the permits for the site. It’s tacked to a large bulletin board at the far southwest corner of the lot. I scanned all the docs hoping for a clue as to the lot’s owner, but couldn’t really tell anything other than the expected completion date, as you can see on this form, is December 31 of this year.

And just across West Dallas is the site acquired by Wellington Development for a retail center, which I heard about in early June. No sign of anything happening there yet, however.

More pics this weekend. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Just now spotted the article in the Chron’s This Week section on the Robinson Warehouse demolition. Nothing really there we didn’t already know, but I wanted to link to it anyway.

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