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Henley in the Examiner

I received an email last week from Charlotte Aguilar of the Examiner telling me that former CD07 candidate Jim Henley will be filling in as a guest columnist while Molly Ivins takes a sabbatical. His first effort is here, on the topic of Iraq. I look forward to seeing more of his efforts while he fills in for Molly. Check it out.

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  1. Michael says:

    At a Thursday news conference, Harrington noted that the immigration protests were nationwide and said the Round Rock school district “instead of reacting punitively . . . should have done what almost all school districts around the country did and use the protests as a ‘teaching moment’ to help students learn about leadership and dissent in a democracy.”

    I think they did learn a lesson about leadership and dissent. “People in power will use their power (properly or improperly) when threatened, annoyed, or crossed. It can be expensive to fight this.” These kids can grow up to be a little more skeptical of the beneficence of government officials towards those who annoy them and a little less trusting of official pronouncements.