Robinson Warehouse – To the end of the year, but not much more

Today is December 31, and a piece of the Robinson Warehouse is still standing, but the end is clearly in sight. I’ll be surprised if there’s anything but debris to be picked up and carted off in a week’s time.

Not much left, is there? Click on for more.

I’ll start with the southwest view, which gives a good perspective of the progress that’s been made just this week. Note that there are only four windows left on the second floor, compared to seven when last we looked. And it’s even farther along than that as you’ll see here:

The south wall isn’t much more than a facade right now. Much of the interior is gone. I think the cleanup that’s currently going on in the basement is the bigger job now. While I think the demolition may be completed this week, I think it’ll take another week to finish the debris removal.

The view from the driveway, which is pretty much empty now.

No trucks blocking my view from Allen Parkway this time. Again, you can see just how little there is to go.

And as one building dies, another is born. This is a view from across the adjacent empty lot of a new apartment complex going on on West Dallas. The building on the far right of that shot is next to the still-empty future retail site. The crane in the background is a part of the apartment construction. Who knows how long that will take – maybe it’ll be done by the time the retail construction starts, maybe not. More to watch in the new year.

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