Texas blog roundup for the week of April 6

In honor of the start of a new baseball season, the Texas Progressive Alliance suggests you read this week’s blog roundup with a beer and a bag of peanuts. Play ball!

Neil at Texas Liberal writes about a Voting Rights Case out of the Austin area Austin Area Voting Rights Case Headed To Supreme Court/Idea For Lawsuit Against Democratic Party and suggests another idea for a voting rights suit.

Somewhat quietly, a bill that would amend Texas’ unemployment insurance laws in a way that would make them compliant with the requirements to get federal stimulus dollars passed out of a Senate committee. Off the Kuff takes a look.

Justin at AAA-Fund Blog writes about the Pew study indicating Asian American students in Fort Bend and Pasadena ISDs face some of the highest segregation rates in the nation.

At McBlogger, we take a look at Ag Commissioner Todd Staples’ efforts to make people sick. Nice work, Todd!

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme is thoroughly disgusted with the crony-loving Texas Supreme Court which is hereby officially renamed the Texas Cronies’ Protection Agency. Workers and beware!

Labor gets its own television talk show, as MSNBC prepares to introduce Ed Schultz as part of its evening progressive lineup.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson has a round up of The state of the stimulus money in Texas.

WhosPlayin’s MexicoBob took time to poke fun at the Republican Tax Day Tea Parties, wondering what other necessary evils that Republicans might protest next.

BossKitty at TruthHugger was struck by a single line on the news describing an Austin man turned away from medical care for lack of insurance, then going on a violent rampage, No Insurance, Meds Denied, Tate Mayhem and Perryman Murder – Op Ed. On a lighter note, it is amusing to watch opponents to gay marriage wring their hands in despair every time a court reverses the ban, Gay Marriage Apocalypse – Really Now

Over at TexasKaos Libby Shaw updates us on Houston KBR corporation’s onging legal problems. It seems they got paid and paid and paid to create electrical death traps for our troops. As one civilan expert put it , ” It was horrible – some of the worst electrical work I have ever seen. Read the rest here: Lawsuit Claims KBR Responsible for Deaths of US Troops in Iraq.

John Coby at Democrats will save Bob Perry’s Commission?

Vince at Capitol Annex points out that Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Tyler) has decided that the Iowa Supreme Court gay marriage decision signals the end of American civilization.

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