Blaming the nuns

So as we know, today is expert testimony day for the voter ID hearings in the House. It’s still going on as I type this, and is expected to last till about midnight. Vince is liveblogging, Rep. Pena has a report, and the Lone Star Project takes a swipe at Elections Committee Chair Rep. Todd Smith for “bait and switch” tactics.

So remember the nuns in Indiana from last year who were turned away from the ballot box because they didn’t have drivers’ licenses? Well, among the witnesses testifying today was Indiana’s Secretary of State. According to Glenn Smith, that was their own damn fault:

Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita also blamed the nuns for the voting debacle that embarrassed Indiana backers of the new identification restrictions. “Those nuns weren’t disenfranchised, they just didn’t want to follow the law.”

Oh, I bet these guys wouldn’t say that to the faces of these spiritual leaders.Rulers, anyone? Back of the knuckles? Ring a bell?

Yeah, we all know what a bunch of miscreants those elderly nuns can be. Gotta show ’em who’s boss.

All I can say is if that’s how today has gone, tomorrow will be even more fun.

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