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I hate you! Now gimme some money!

Damn those Washington elites! Always stuffing money into my pants campaign coffers!

Rick Perry has railed against Washington, but when it comes to campaign cash, the governor has raised far more than rival Kay Bailey Hutchison from the nation’s capital.

Perry has collected $2.7 million from Washington since becoming governor – four times more than Hutchison’s $670,000 from Washington during the same period, a Dallas Morning News analysis finds.

The money has come from political communities, lobbyists, individuals and interest groups.


Perry campaign spokesman Mark Miner said the governor’s critique of Washington is limited to political spending, not political contributors.

“He’s talking about elected officials who vote for earmarks, bailouts and out-of-control spending – that’s what he’s referring to when he talks about the problems of Washington,” Miner said.

I got nothing.

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  1. Texas Conservative says:

    “I got nothing.” You’re right.