Saint Arnold’s location search update

I managed to miss this Q&A with Brock Wagner, the head honcho at the Saint Arnold brewery, but thankfully PDiddie was on the case. You may recall that at last report, the venerable (and fast-growing) brewery was seeking new digs. How’s that going?

Q: How’s your search coming along?

A: We’re on a beer budget, and Houston real estate has run up so high that it’s very difficult for us to really be able to justify a lot of the prices. My first choice would be to find an existing building that we could move into that’s in a good area.

But with our rapid growth, suddenly it’s economic for us to potentially build. I’m still looking at one building north of downtown that would be a home run if it works.

It’s an old building. It’s functionally less than perfect, but location-wise it would be great.

If we can pull it off, it would be great, but I’m very concerned it could be a white elephant. No business wants a money pit.

We’re all rooting for you, dude. Take all the time you need to get it right.

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  1. Two words:
    Alabama Beerstop

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