Kinky says he’s getting ready to run

Kinky Friedman has been saying for a long time that he wants to run for Governor again, this time as a Democrat. He’s now finally getting ready to make that official. At least, that’s what he tells Gardner Selby:

Friedman told me today he’ll decide by the end of this month whether to start an exploratory committee–a step enabling him to raise money for a bid.

“It’s time to win,” Friedman said. “If I were to win the Democratic nomination, I have the best chance of winning” against Gov. Rick Perry or Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who are expected to face off in the 2010 GOP primary.

“I’m the only (prospective candidate) since Ann Richards who can excite the grass roots,” Friedman said. “If we run a generic Democrat, we’re going to get beat again.” Richards was governor from 1991 to 1995.

I asked him if he’d place Tom Schieffer of Fort Worth, the former ambassador, in the generic category; Schieffer started his Democratic gubernatorial committee on Monday. Friedman said he doesn’t know Schieffer.

So what’s he depending on before starting his committee?

“Mostly my conscience,” Friedman said, and “mostly if I can bring about the betterment of Texas.” Also, “can I win where I don’t think the others can?”

Unprompted, Friedman outlined a prospective campaign platform.

He envisions a “no-kill” Texas with executions banned. He vows to give every schoolteacher a $3,000 raise the day he takes office. He said he’d seek to repeal the revamped business franchise tax, perhaps replacing it with a state personal income tax or the legalization of casino gaming.

Hailing President Obama’s success at the polls, Friedman said he’d similarly count on small donations to give him liftoff while he tests his support across rural Texas where residents, he said, have been ignored by Democrats for years.

“We’re very close” to getting started, he said. “We just have to pull the trigger.”

Whatever. I think he’ll find there’s a lot less excitement – and money – available to him this time around, but who knows. At least this time we’ll hopefully be done with this by March.

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4 Responses to Kinky says he’s getting ready to run

  1. cb says:

    The last 15 years have been difficult for the state Democratic Party. If Kinky wins the primary it will be a new low point.

  2. Baby Snooks says:

    Unfortunately at this point Kinky Friedman is the only candidate I and quite a few others would vote for.
    Which is where we were in 2006 when we saw quite a few people in both parties backing an Independent because they refused to vote for, let alone support, their own party’s candidate.

    Something tells me history is about to repeat itself and that Governor 39% will win again with 39% of the vote. Even if he runs as an Independent which he will if enough Democrats vote for Kay Bailey Hutchison.

    Which may not happen if Kinky Friedman runs as a Democrat since the Democrats will probably want to vote for someone else to become their candidate.

    Deja vu. Or deja voodoo.
    Which of course may explain why Kinky Friedman may run as a Democrat. To ensure Rick Perry is the Republican candidate.

    Of course then Kay Bailey Hutchison may run as an Independent. Along with Kinky Friedman.

  3. The flaw in your logic, BS, is that KBH cannot run in November if she fails to win the GOP primary. Texas law forbids such second chances. The only way she’d run as an independent is if she forsook the primary, as Strayhorn and Kinky did in 2006. The same is true for Kinky – either he runs as a Dem, or he runs as an indy, not both.

  4. Baby Snooks says:

    Well that’s comforting to know – maybe we won’t have to deal with either Kay Bailey Hutchison or Kinky Friedman after March.

    Which would mean we would have to deal with Rick Perry and whoever the Democratic candidate is.

    Plus whoever Rick Perry decides to have run as an Independent. He’s not stupid. And I suspect there will be a third horse in the race. A trojan horse.

    As I said. Deja vu. Or deja voodoo.

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