Is there a revolt brewing against Straus?

Texas Insider passes along what is probably a rumor.

Word around the Texas House of Representatives is that a phantom list of nearly 76 signatures is circulating that will take out Speaker Joe Straus when the time is right. A few representatives wishing to remain anonymous have told Texas Insider they have signed the sheet calling for a motion to remove the speaker.


We are now two-and-a-half months into the 81st Legislature. Committees and chairmanships have been assigned, and all of a sudden members are second guessing the choice for speaker.

Many Democrats had high hopes for plumb chair posts and committee assignments, but when appointments came out they were surprised to see their support for Straus didn’t pay off they way they anticipated.

Consequently, a large number of Democrats and a few Republicans have signed a list that may unseat Speaker Straus when the time is right. It has been rumored that the proper timing would be shortly after the budget passes the House, which it is expected to go for a vote the week after Easter (April 12).

In years past the Rice MOB used to have in its repertoire a show called the Annual Salute To The New Coach. Perhaps we’ll have to develop a Biennial Salute To The New Speaker.

Anyway, make of this what you will. I think it’s more talk than action, but who knows? Anybody out there hearing about this? Vince has more.

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  1. cb says:

    This isn’t Italy! One speaker each session should be the rule unless criminal acts or serious ethical violations have taken place.

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