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Friday random ten: What’s the big idea?

It’s very simple, really: Ten songs that start with the word “Big”:

1. Big Bottom – Hayseed Dixie
2. Big Fellah – Black 47
3. Big Legs, Tight Skirt – John Lee Hooker
4. Big Noise – Eddie from Ohio
5. Big Rio Grande River – Austin Lounge Lizards
6. Big Rock Candy Mountain – Harry McClintock
7. Big Shot – Billy Joel
8. Big Sky Country – Chris Whitley
9. Big Time – Peter Gabriel
10. Big Trouble – Trout Fishing in America

I suppose I could have gotten some more variety if I’d gone for songs that had the word “Big” in the title somewhere (he says as he hums “In A Big Country”), but that also would have been a lot more work. This’ll do just fine, thanks. What’s big on your playlist this week?

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    Huh. Only three.

    Big Love [Live], Fleetwood Mac
    Big Spender, Bette Midler
    Big Yellow Taxi, Joni Mitchell

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