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Perry reportedly to veto Safe Passing bill

The veto deadline is fast approaching, and with it comes word of various potentially doomed bills – indeed, according to Rep. Garnet Coleman, Governor Perry has already nixed one of his bills, HB3485 – so expect to hear some urgent last-minute pleas to call the Governor and spare this bill or that. Here’s one that I hope you’ll heed, from BikeTexas.

Every cyclist in Texas must call Governor Perry today and insist that he allow SB 488 to pass!

The governor mistakenly thinks that the bill puts all of the responsibility on the motorist. There might be time to save the bill if you hurry and make the calls.

This is the most important call we have ever asked you to make. Our lives depend on it.

BikeTexas was notified at 12:30 pm CST that Governor Perry plans to veto the Safe Passing Bill. This veto can happen within the next couple of hours TODAY. We need every cyclist in Texas to call NOW and tell the Governor to pass SB 488. More than 1000 vulnerable road users in Texas die every year.  This bill will save lives!

You must give the bill number. (SB488)

CALL both phone NUMBERS
(512) 463-2000 Governor’s main switchboard until 5pm

Let’s Light Up The Grassroots.

Supporting Organizations include:

American Automobile Association (AAA)
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
Texas Motorcycle Rights Association (TMRA)
12 Senator and Representative Co-Authors

Bill Language

Robin Stallings
Executive Director

SB488 had already been watered down by Sen. Dan Patrick, so I’m not sure what the Governor’s concern is with it now. Be that as it may, if you care about this issue, now is the time to pick up the phone.

UPDATE: Texas Politics notes the broad bipartisan support – 142-0 in the House, 26-5 in the Senate – that SB488 had.

UPDATE: You can stop calling – he vetoed it.

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