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Friday random ten: Cooling down

After the earlier Too Hot list, I felt this was necessary.

1. Baby, It’s Cold Outside – The Priestess and The Fool
2. Cold Shot – Stevie Ray Vaughan
3. Cold – Annie Lennox
4. The Cool, Cool River – Paul Simon
5. Cool for Cats – Squeeze
6. Cool Dry Place – Traveling Wilburys
7. I Can Be Cool – Bob & Gene
8. Cool Blues – Charlie Parker
9. Iceman – Bruce Springsteen
10. Ice Cream Man – Van Halen

Much better. What’s cooling you off this week?

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  1. Greg Wythe says:

    No love for “Way Cool Junior” by Ratt?

  2. JJMB says:

    Hmm. I like your blog pretty well, let’s say respect it, but I do have a fair number of disagreements with your biases, but now that I see you know Bruce’s “Iceman” I am going to have to re-evaluate…..

    Of course, if you also knew “Baby, I’m So Cold”…

  3. Joe White says:

    Props for the Traveling Wilburys, and thank you for refraining from mentioning Vanilla Ice, but no Foreigner “Cold as Ice”?

  4. Linkmeister says:

    Cool Dry Place, Traveling Wilburys
    In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening, Bette Midler (Midler Sings Rosemary Clooney)
    Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress, The Hollies
    Cold Cold Heart, Norah Jones
    Cold, Cold Heart, Tony Bennett & Tim McGraw (Duets)

  5. Brian Grosz says:

    thanks for including TP&TF! glad to know that people are still diggin on that album (and for the rest of you, you can grab it FREE at